A strong beer, wine, and spirits industry is key to Illinois' economic recovery.

Raise Glasses, Not Taxes.

Send an email to your legislators and urge them to support the hospitality industry and its workers in Illinois.

As restrictions ease and vaccine rates increase, we are calling on lawmakers to support a strong industry comeback that restores jobs and investment in communities across Illinois. A thriving hospitality industry is key to the state’s overall economic recovery.

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Coalition to Rebuild Illinois’ Hospitality Industry

Illinois’ beer, wine, and spirits industry serves as a major economic driver, supporting more than 142,000 jobs and generating more than $20 billion in economic activity each year. Those contributions took a major hit during the pandemic as bars, restaurants, tap rooms, wine tasting rooms, and special events faced extended closures, skyrocketing operating costs, and limited financial support. Illinois’ hospitality industry needs support, not additional financial and regulatory burdens. Raise glasses, not taxes.


Prior to the pandemic, a majority of beer, wine and spirits purchases in Illinois occurred on-premise inside restaurants, taverns, breweries, wineries, or distilleries. That number has since dropped considerably, leaving many jobs in the hospitality industry in jeopardy. In Chicago, at least 10% of bars and restaurants have closed their doors for good. For those who have survived, the industry has been left to navigate complex and evolving guidelines that limit capacity, reduce hours and curb operations. Income has plummeted as some expenses have increased, resulting in valued team members being let go and treasured gathering places closing their doors for good. This lasting damage has resulted in fewer tax dollars and lowered economic investment in communities across the state.